Baby Name: Choosing A Last Name

There are several ways to name a baby. Maybe you buck upon on an ideal name. Perhaps you and your partner have made a decision long ago. Or perhaps you’re like me and are struggling with the decision for a long while. I recommend that you begin with some names or kind of names that you don’t like. If you don’t like certain names don’t think about them.

Selecting a last name

Choosing your baby’s last name might be easy for some couples that share a last name, but for other families, they have a different view on the process. You might need to give more consideration to your baby’s last name if you are a part of one of these categories;

You and your baby’s father have different surnames.

Both your partner and you have a hyphenated name already.

You need to think about all the alternatives when trying to decide on a last name to give your baby. For instance, if you want to join you and your baby’s father last name together, you could just do a hyphenated last name. For example, Baby Taylor-Smith. When selecting a hyphenated name you might want to try it out different ways, like Baby Smith-Taylor. Sometimes you may have a strong opinion on which name should come first, dads or mom’s.

In some families however, where dad and mom have different last names, the baby normally gets the last name of the father. While other families decide on the last name based on many factors. One family that I know gave all the boys their father’s last name and all the girls the mother’s last name. On the other hand, if you have both parent with hyphenated last names you might have more problems. You could have multiple hyphens, such as Taylor-Smith-Jenkins, but that could get out of control quite easily.

If your baby is born in a hospital, you will find that the baby gets the mother’s last name during your stay at the hospital. However, this is not what is on the birth certificate that you fill out. So don’t be terrified when you see this on the baby’s name bracelet. It is only a provisional solution so that they can identify your baby.

Here are some other factors to consider when selecting your baby’s last name:

Will the last name that you have chosen for your baby cause him or her trouble in school because each parent has a different last name?

If your baby has a different last name will the baby’s father or you have issues?

Will your child have problems filling out forms because he has long hyphenated last names?

As soon as you’re finished considering all these questions you can start answering them by making a list of all possible last name you like and then you and your partner can choose one.

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